Scrying a Human Being: an Advanced Piece of Psychism

This is not so much a sorcerous working as it is a feat of psychism. It is not for those who still need to develop the ability to visualize and concentrate. Moreover, it presupposes the following magical proficiencies:

If / once you have these basics, you will want to find a time when you can be alone and undisturbed. If you have a dedicated ritual chamber, even better. In the night hour of the Moon (if you observe the magical hours) or whenever you feel most magical and receptive, enter your chamber and light a black, silver, or dark purple candle. Light some good psychic incense (Lucky Mojo makes a good “Psychic Vision” incense; though, I make a simple mixture of star anise, wormwood, and frankincense—simpler is usually better when it comes to incense recipes). And make sure you have ventilation in the room.

Ground, center, banish and / or shield. Then meditate quietly for a few minutes. Step out of your body and travel to your Inner Temple. This should be a full astral projection.

See a very large black mirror. While you’re staring into the mirror, think of the person you would like to scry. Feel her emotions, her breath on the side of your neck. Raise her essence around you as if it were a mist. Then see that mist in the mirror.

The mist (which is a concrete metaphor for the person’s soul) will dissipate and you will not only see images of her, but you will feel the emotions she feels. You will hear her thoughts. And all of this will be themed, at first, around your connection to her in mundane life.

Well and good. You will have already learned something about this person. You could stop there, reverse your direction back to your body, and end the operation. But perhaps there is something you want to ask this person. At such a level of connection, there are no secrets. You simply need to ask her image in the mirror and it will tell you. Keep in mind that you are calling on the deep mind of this person to speak to you. She will not hold back.  If there is a lot of buried emotion, be prepared for a very agitated response. But as long as you do not touch the mirror, you cannot be harmed no matter how forceful the person behaves.

The mirror is a doorway into the person’s unconscious. Actually, the mirror construct can be used as a doorway to any person, place, or thing. What could you do with a doorway into someone’s mind? If you are an advanced practitioner, you already have some ideas. But be cautious. If you step into the mirror, you are in that person’s unconscious universe. Is that a good thing? The link will persist between the two of you and could result in unhealthy obsessions if you cross that threshold without a good reason and spend too much time there.

Also, you will want to ground, center, and banish / shield afterward as well. This working can cause a lot of inner problems, resulting in the exchange of fears and desires, the development of phobias, and some very bad dreams if you don’t know what you are doing. So I warn beginners: this is powerful psychism. It is not to be played with. You absolutely must develop the above fundamental skill set before you attempt something like this. As always, use common sense and avoid recklessness.

After working with this technique for a while, more advanced practitioners will see all kinds of possibilities. It is something that can revolutionize your practice. Think about it. And good luck.


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