The Reality of Inner Worlds

Don’t try to validate any of your spiritual or visionary experiences. You determine what they mean for yourself. Your inner world is wholly and completely yours. And yet, it reaches beyond what you have been conditioned to think of as the boundaries of your everyday self. This is why my teachers used the term “within you and beyond you.” These inner experiences, whether dramatic or commonplace, are taking place in the inner world of your conscious and subconscious, but they are also resonating with the macrocosm (as below, so above). Therefore, your experience as a spiritual being is unique and also transpersonal. Honor what comes to you and what you send forth into this experience and respect the spiritual experience of others. In that respect is a certain parity that contains the paradox of individuality-vs.-universal oneness. It also contains the paradox of free-will-vs.-fate.



  1. Great post! The spectre of the UPG looms large within this, and the associated judgment fellow practitioners may pass on it. However, once you know and can tell the difference between mental onanism and actual contact, then who is anyone to judge. I do find that validation of experiences is helpful where possible however.

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      • I would estimate at least half of the exchange with a spirit is completely personal anyway, and should be kept as such. Like others, I have developed a habit of asking a spirit when there is something I think may be useful to others to share if they agree to it being shared before closing a rite. To clarify my first comment as it could be misread, my intent was in relation to the spectre of a UPG being judged not the post. The beauty of your own blog. It is yours, and it is great!!!

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