Who Am I?

Known by the magical motto, “Silentium et Aurum,” “S+A,” “Frater CVE,” or simply just by “Dr. Mike,” I’ve been practicing public divination, conjure, and grimoire magic for many years.  I’m a long-time member (over a decade) of the Studio Arcanis community for advanced practitioners where I help moderate the forums.  Overall, my credentials are as varied as my beliefs.  

I am one of those rare practitioners who can sincerely trace a magical tradition through my mother’s family.  I began learning Italian folk magic and tarot at age 7 and was giving public readings by age 12.  I hold advanced ranks in two magical societies.  I am also a master of Usui Shiki Ryogo Reiki, attuned 5 April 2008 by Master Judith Conroy in the lineage passing through Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Phillis Lei Furumoto, and William L. Rand.  In my mundane life, I have multiple degrees.  Labels that apply to me: conjure man, witch, Reiki master, diviner, rootworker, two-headed doctor*, sorcerer for hire, spirit-led worker, necromancer, and occultist, among others.

You might say I’m an independent investigator into little-known arts like astral projection, soul travel, and various out-of-body experiences.  I’m also a herbalist and a hoodoo practitioner in my community, someone who believes that living well is always possible.  My techniques and approaches are eclectic, though I make use of the methods taught in various occult and new age systems.  My current interests include witchcraft, grimoire traditions, new thought, various psyche-centric philosophies, and exploring the subjective side of the world around me.

I travel often and consider myself not only a student of magic and the occult but also a spiritual seeker who hopes one day to achieve a high level of inner realization.  At heart, I remain a conjure worker and a sorcerer with over 30 years of magical experience.

* Note: I am not “Dr. Mike the Voodoo King,” who is based in San Bernardino, California, USA.  I do not practice Voodoo.  However, the title “Dr.” is common for hoodoo “root doctors,” which I am (and I also have the right to use that title in mundane life because I have a PhD).  My first name is actually Mike.  The similarity ends there.  If you have come to this website with a grievance regarding this man’s work, please understand that I am not him.