Enochian Scrying Project

This page will index my commentaries on and descriptions of the Enochian magical workings and scrying the Enochian Aethyrs.

Commentaries and Posts About Workings and the Scrying Project:

Visionary Experiences, Scrying the Enochian Aethyrs, and UPG
Additional Thoughts on Scrying the 28th Aethyr, BAG
A thought from GD Neo-Enochiana . . .

Journal Entries Describing My Experiences in the Aethyrs:

Scrying the 30th Aethyr, TEX: astral plane, fate, restriction, and desire
Scrying the 29th Aethyr, RII: heavens and hells of all religions, the seed of helplessness and human frailty
Scrying the 28th Aethyr, BAG: guilt, fear, and uncertainty
Scrying the 27th Aethyr, ZAA: solitude, loneliness, reflection.