Why don’t I do in-person work? – Sometimes I do! But the nature of my work is such that I get clients from all over the world. There is no way I could meet with all of them. So I tend to keep the emphasis of my practice online. I am comfortable with this because I think it adds to the confidentiality. Clients who would be too shy to walk into a conjure shop have no problem sending a discreet email. And that is how it should be. Your business is your business and no one else’s.

Why is there sometimes a waiting list for my services? – I work alone and in private. I do not have an assistant. This has both advantages and drawbacks. Clients like it because they know I’m keeping their secrets safe. The main drawback is that this sort of work often takes time and I can only have so many workings in play at once or risk over-extending myself and becoming extremely ill. Remember that this work involves spiritual energy.

If I work for you, I’m your stand-in in the realms of Spirit. That means that when you hire me, you are connected to me through the bond we form and I am connected to Spirit. These “connections” send energy in both directions—back to you in the form of omens, movements, and results and outward to Spirit in the form of petitions, commands, images, and incantations. I stand in the middle, sensing and manipulating the flow of these energies day and night, whether I’m brushing my teeth or reading a book.

This is the hidden side of spiritual work. You never get a day off and you live with it no matter what you’re doing. It means I have to be ready to answer to Spirit when I know additional candles need to be burned or an offering needs to be made—no matter what I’d rather be doing. It also means that I have to keep myself physically and spiritually healthy. Now imagine doing this for 10 clients at once and you’ll get an idea of the complexity involved. 10 is my absolute limit, but I usually try to keep the number of cases down between 6 and 8. This is why there’s a waiting list. I also get results so I have a lot of return clients. And I have to give returning clients my attention because of the bond we already share. Sometimes, potential clients will be frustrated because I am up-front about the fact that it’s going to take some time before I can get to their case. I’m sorry for that, but I hope they will come to understand how I have to work.

What Do I Believe In / Who Are My Gods? – I’ve worked with a lot of spirits over the years and if there’s one thing I believe it’s that no religion or spiritual system has a monopoly on the truth. Rather, I agree with this phrase from one of the ceremonies of the Golden Dawn: “Hold all religions in reverence, for there is none but contain a ray of the Divine Light which you seek.” Because I identify here as a sorcerer and not a mystic or priest, I am concerned with results-oriented magic that will improve the mundane lives of my clients. However, in my personal life, I am a seeker of the truth of my innermost self. This involves studying whichever spiritual technologies will advance my self-realization.

What is my background? – My Spiritual practice has gone through multiple changes over the years. Basically, every time I’ve undergone a rebirth, so has my practice. Whenever I do this, I take a new craft name and completely redesign my website. But at heart, I remain a conjure worker and a ceremonial magician with 30+ years of magical experience. I am one of those rare practitioners who actually can trace a magical lineage through my mother’s family. I began learning the Tarot at age 7 and was giving public readings by age 12. I hold advanced ranks in two magical societies. And, in my mundane life, I have multiple professional degrees.