How to Hire Me

How to Hire Me

How to Hire Me to do hoodoo, spirit work, or perform rituals for you …

  1. Read the website and make sure you understand the sort of work I do and make sure to read the whole FAQ.
  2. Decide what you want – Is it realistic?  Is it something that I have defined as one of the “What I Won’t Do” items?
  3. Send me an email at Tell me about your situation. Be specific and honest. Everything you say will be 100% confidential whether or not I take your case.  I will email you ASAP with some recommendations and may ask a few additional questions.
  4. After we talk about what you need, you’ll then pay $10 USD for a short tarot reading.  It will give us a better view of the issue. If the cards are good, we will proceed.

How the Work Proceeds:

  • A rough timeline will be established. Sometimes there is a queue / waiting list for my services. So I want to give a general picture of the timeline from the beginning. As far as the actual work is concerned, I usually begin with a 3 day / 3 week / 3 month format. In other words, I look for an omen within 3 days of having performed the work. I look for movement toward completion within 3 weeks. Optimally, we will end within 3 months. However, every working is different.
  • I will gather materials and begin the spiritual side of the work. This might take several days and sometimes weeks of performing the same ritual every night on your behalf. It might involve additional readings (at no additional cost to you), additional physical materials, and / or additional rituals. Once I take the case and accept payment, I do whatever is necessary (within the boundaries of the law and my personal ethical code) to satisfy the terms of the energy work, ritual, or folk magic you have requested. I will send you pictures and / or narrative descriptions of the actions I’ve taken on your behalf.
  • I might ask you to perform a small daily meditation / prayer to “back up the work,” as they say in the conjure world. This is designed transmute the frustration, anger, fear, and / or depression you may be feeling into a positive energy that will help the desired results come about. I have learned from experience that very upset clients can unconsciously interfere and prevent themselves from getting satisfaction. The human mind is powerful and should not be underestimated.
  • We will watch and wait while I’m doing the work and you’re doing your small meditation / prayer every day.   During this time, I’ll be checking in with you.
  • By 3 months at the latest, the work will end.  If we’re not satisfied, I will perform another free reading in order to determine whether we should continue and how we need to adjust our approach. I typically work with clients until they are satisfied; though in all the years I have been doing this, I have only had to continue past the 3-month deadline on a few occasions.

Note to Clients under the Age of 18: I have taken on underage clients in the past, but this is not something I do very often. I don’t have anything against working for young people per se, but I do not believe most teenagers have the sort of problems that a Sorcerer / Ritualist should fix. My clients tend to be (1) very serious, (2) suffering from adult problems, and (3) looking for spiritual relief that they can’t get anywhere else. That’s what makes the bond I have with my clients sacred. Helping people this way is no joke. So if you’re underage, let me suggest that you first try non-magical ways to fix your problems.

On the other hand, in the past I have reconciled families, helped runaways find shelter, and located missing loved ones. I’ve performed spiritual healing on young rape victims and cast protective spells on teens in juvenile detention. I’ve also done work to help underage clients be better students or get over loss due to death or abandonment.  So I’m not saying absolutely not.  I am saying that sorcery should be your last resort if you are a minor.  Knowing this, if you are under 18 and still want me to work for you, let me know what you need and I will consider it.

** A Word to the Wise: if you go to a spiritual worker and that person agrees to take your case without doing a preliminary reading or consulting his or her work schedule, that person is probably a fraud. Taking on an unlimited number of cases shows that the practitioner is going through the motions at best—at worst, is taking your money and doing nothing. Failing to perform a divination about the potential outcome shows that he or she either doesn’t know better, doesn’t take the work seriously, doesn’t plan on actually doing anything, or all of the above.