Tarot Readings


An overview of the readings I offer . . . 

In Writing and Delivered via Email as a PDF:

  • Short Reading: $15 USD (as above, running about 5 pages  of text with question / answer follow-up available on email)
  • Long Reading: $75 USD (as above, running between 15-20 pages of text with question / answer follow-up available on email)

In order to produce a high quality written response for you, I will take the time to photograph the cards, include specific illustrations and details, and write a clean, clear, and well-crafted PDF.  This is work intensive since I do it on top of the actual work of the divination.  So my written readings are valuable as a resource that can be revisited and consulted to see deeper meanings.

Special Reading Topics

A tarot reading can be done about anything, but over the years people have come to me about certain issues again and again.  The following readings are special because I use a more involved method developed through experience with these questions.

  • Readings for people looking to mend a broken relationship: $100 USD (I will read 28 Rider-Waite cards in a traditional French “Lenormand” style layout in order to see how the two people in question relate to each other, whether they’re moving towards or away from each other, and the obstacles in-between them.  This is a very complex reading and therefore has no time limit for discussion if done in person.  In writing, it can run any length but often exceeds 20 pages of text.)
  • Readings for people who are looking for direction in life: $100 USD (Similar to the previous style of reading, this one will lay out 28 cards in terms of a possible life direction, which will be revealed during the course of the operation.)
  • Readings for those who are facing a disastrous situation in business, finances, or family matters: $100 USD (Similar to the previous style of reading, this one will reveal potential pitfalls with specificity down to the day of the week for the coming month and in a more general sense after that.  It is designed for those seeking the clearest idea possible about what they might be facing.)

What is a “Psychic Tarot Reading”?

There are many different kinds of psychics in the world. Some can do physical feats with their minds.  Others can pull data out of the past, present, or future (the sort of psychic who can tell you what you ate for breakfast three days ago, etc.).  Still others can read the energy of situations, emotions, and locations.  This last type is called an “empath” or sometimes a “natural intuitive.”  That’s one of my gifts.  When I do a reading for you, I’ll feel a certain energy in the cards I draw and by focusing on that energy, I’ll start to follow an emotional pattern into your life experience, which makes me a better card reader.

This isn’t stage mentalism.  I won’t be asking “Barnum” questions or guessing letters in your sister’s middle name.  I won’t be looking at micro-cues or “tells” or using any of the other “cold reading” tricks fake psychics and stage performers use to entertain.  I’ll be telling you the meaning of the cards along with my deep intuitive sense of what they mean for you.  For example, I might draw The Moon in a reading about an estranged family member.  After talking about the traditional meanings of the card in terms of the client’s situation, I might stop and raise my intuition.  As I look at this card, I might get a flash image of a person standing in a park at night while it’s snowing.  Following that image, I might describe it to the client and then talk about a certain feeling of loneliness I get from it.  The client’s family member might have moved to a cold climate and / or might be experiencing a very lonesome period.  As we investigate such guidance, my empathy will usually deepen and I will have more and more to say.  That’s more or less how it works for every card in every reading.

My Commitment to Honest and Ethical Reading 

I never sugar-coat a reading.  I’ll always describe exactly what the cards are saying and what my psychic capacities are telling me, no matter how hard it is for the client to listen.  I think this is better than leaving the difficult bits out and / or just telling the client what he or she wants to hear.  If you come to a reader and take it seriously, you’re not looking for an entertaining experience as much as a new perspective on your life, on what’s real, on the best way to approach an issue.  I respect that and want to honor it.

Contact me to schedule a reading at: friendlyoccultist@protonmail.com