Stress: an Overreaction to Life

Ajahn Brahm, a great (humble, very funny, very magical) Thai Buddhist monk and teacher gives this talk on how to cope with stress.  I offer it here because it has done a lot for me personally.  I also like to post his videos in order to make more people aware of him because his is a very worthwhile voice in a troubled world.


Ajahn Brahm talks about depression.

Ajahn (“teacher”) Brahm is a very smart man.  He’s a Thai Buddhist monk of English-Australian origins.  Don’t be put off by his down-to-earth manner and sense of humor.  He does not take himself too seriously and yet the things he has to say are incredibly useful.  Although I do not identify as a Buddhist, I think Buddhism has great insights into the human mind and what it means to find tranquility in life.  I recommend this video in particular, especially his famous “2 Bad Bricks in the Wall” story.