Alan Watts on the Riddle of Separateness

There really isn’t my world or your world; there’s simply the process taking place in which we are both expressions.


All Magic is Sexual—but what does this mean?

“All Magick is sexual. Indeed, all life is sexual. It is either overt or implied, invoked or directed, stored or released. The Mass of the Roman Catholic Church is every bit as much a pantomime of the sex act as the ‘Great Rite’ of the witches.  The real question is ‘what is sex symbolic of?'”  — Lon Milo DuQuette, The Magick of Thelema

“Sex is a sharing of energies, a blending. And sex embraces all of the senses, as all are equal pathways through which we can receive power. Its placement at the top of our pentacle reminds us first and foremost that we are sexual beings, and that any attempt to escape this basic fact flies in the face of reality. If we map the pentacle to the human body, the point of Sex occupies the head. This is a reminder of the old saying that the biggest sex organ in the body is the brain. In the act of sex, we merge physically with another, but this is just one layer of the sexual experience. We become energetically permeable and thus able to open to outside energies and influences. In the ecstatic state, that heightened sexual consciousness opens and we are able to touch powers greater than just ourselves. In Sex we open up to life force.” — Storm Faerywolf, Betwixt and Between

It means exchange, meta-communication, conversation, and the heightened consciousness this brings.  Worked effectively, all magic results in becoming more conscious.  With that in mind (pun!), we ask: what is consciousness?  What part of me becomes more conscious through the communicative act of magic?  Where does the magic begin (and end)?  And who am I as a result of this psycho-sexual becoming?  Finding our own answers to these questions leads us away from the comforting servitude of “Thy Will Be Done” and into the very difficult and sometimes scary world of “My Will Be Done.”

A Thought About Protean Human Nature

Regarding my dream from last night: I don’t remember exactly what it was but, when I woke up, I remember having the idea that no one is all one thing.  We might say someone is a fool, but really that is inaccurate.  What we are really saying is that we see them acting foolish in a given context.  In other ways and situations, they may be very wise and effective.

People are not all one thing all the time.  Rather, they are complex and ever-changing.  What does this mean?  I think it means that judgments are rooted in circumstances.  The conclusions we draw about people and the world (and therefore of ourselves) must be relative to who we are—which is to say, where and when we are, our positionality—in space and time.

Again, I confront the idea that human nature is more becoming than being.  And I wonder about all the times I formed value judgments about people, places, and events as if I understood the totality of those things, completely failing to account for their inherent changeability.