Advanced Vigil Candles: a Variation on Hoodoo Tradition

I know I complain quite a lot about some of my crazier clients on this blog.  And, while it’s true that in the business of being a professional sorcerer, I do meet a fairly constant stream of imbalanced, obsessive people, I also get to meet some wonderful people.  In fact, it might be safe to say that the grounded, level-headed, reasonable people—both clients and fellow practitioners (some of whom also eventually become clients)—make it completely worthwhile.

One such client recently hired me to help resolve some very serious personal difficulties, and we’ve both been putting in the work—a lot of it, in fact.  For me, it’s been very fulfilling (as always) but, even though the initial divinations forecasted qualified success, the ultimate goal came and went in a form unacceptable to my client.  So we hit the problem again from a different angle because, in my experience, if you expend enough time, energy, and resources on a particular outcome, it will most likely come to pass.

Although, I cannot discuss the particulars of the case, I can note that the degree of magical firepower we’re throwing at the situation is considerable and ongoing; we’re taking on and, I think, overcoming a certain degree of pre-existing fate as well as contrary human willpower as well as the interference of a third party.  So it’s good work—hard, in may ways, but good.  Because I like this client of mine and sympathize with the client’s situation, I’ve been willing to carry on with this particular work beyond my usual professionally imposed limits.

As part of our ongoing multi-pronged magical effort, I poured a number of enchanted candles.  One of them was  a vigil candle that I burned down to the glass and then re-poured a second time, enchanting and burning it all the way down again.  In a future post, I will discuss my method of “reading the candles.”  For now, suffice it to say that the vigil I used here burned down clear and strong with no negative indications both times.  This is good, but what happens when the results of vigil candle magic are slow to manifest or, as in the present case, one wants to modify the working to hit it from a new angle?  Should the magician keep enchanting wax and commence re-pouring  a third, fourth, or fifth time?

If you want to keep the pressure on for a sympathetic client (like mine), you might.  But there is an interesting, more advanced way to continue the vigil work after all the wax is gone.

This is the technique I would like to share here—an alternative  method given to me by one of my familiar spirits.  Think of it as turning a vigil candle spell into a bottle spell.   Huh?  Yes, that is exactly what I said.  This is not traditional Conjure in any sense of the term, but it is related to the hoodoo conjure tradition.  And it is the technique I follow after two consecutive burns of a vigil candle, provided the wax is “open to it”—i.e. the signs are good.  And there are no other limiting factors in play.

I call this an “advanced technique” because it’s more involved than just re-pouring or throwing away the glass and starting again with another store-bought vigil candle.  It requires a solid understanding of hoodoo bottle spells (as a genre of magical work applicable to any issue, not just to love and business as many websites seem to suggest).  It also requires a deeper level of personal commitment to the outcome of the work.  In other words, starting all over again with a new glass-encased candle can actually have a depressing, weakening effect on the magic because you’re essentially telling your magical self, your client, and the Universe: hey, I failed the first time—but this time it’s going to be different!  Sorry, Charlie Brown, the Great Pumpkin isn’t coming next year.  We can hit the problem from a different angle, through a different magical method, but there are no re-dos of the same angle or method.  Once one avenue is tried, that bit is done.   Evoke a demon and get him to bring you gold.  If he doesn’t, you can torment him and send him back until he delivers.  But don’t re-evoke him tomorrow in the same way, saying the same things, and, thinking that through a simple repetition, you will somehow succeed where before you did not!

If a sorcerer does magical work, the Universe responds.  So it is with the vast majority of my workings.  Nevertheless, when I undertake work, I give my client an explicit assurance that I will do the best magical work I know how to do and that I will be personally committed to the project as if it were my life and my desires on the line—because, when you think about it, it is.  If I do work for a client, I’m also doing it for myself, for the propagation of the Magical Art, and for my own renown as a working sorcerer.  So it is far better for me to make my first working(s) come to fruition—even if I have to do a deep violence to the static inertia of the Universe that might be resisting me.

So anyway, after I burned the present vigil candle down the second time, instead of re-pouring for number three, I turned the glass candle casings into magical bottles.  I fumigated (smoked) the insides with a magically appropriate incense (trapping the smoke inside by placing a small coaster-sized ceramic dish on the mouth of the candle), performed the Greater Invoking Ritual of Venus, added magically enchanted curios and herbs to the  inside as well as my own blend of hot pepper rum, which has a magical application in the present work.  Then I dressed two small tea-lights and burned them in the dishes.  For now, the tea-lights will have to do until I pour some larger pillars.*  The final results (actually for two different clients) are are pictured here in the center of  one of my client altars (note the statue of Hanuman in the background and a burning stick of camphor).

There is now a lot of complex power at work here.  Essentially, the glass itself is already imbued with magic and re-consecrated through fumigation, to say nothing of the fact that whenever I make a vigil candle I also construct and charge a unique sigil to be bound to the outside of the glass.  The vigil materia then becomes a housing for curios, herbal, and zoological components that act as an extension of the original working.  As such, the add an enormous amount of heft to the intent.  Just to be completely thorough, I burn a small candle on top of the new “bottle” so that fresh energy can be continually flowing into the item.

As always, if you find this technique useful, let me know!