Fool the Psychic

People like games.  Games are a lot of fun.  Though, some games are unhealthy.  Some games are pointless.  And some are rigged from the beginning to make fools out of everyone.  Sometimes, the only way to win a rigged game is never to sit down at the table in the first place.  Other times, you sit down and know you’re going to lose, but you win on another level by just having fun.  The real fool is the person who can’t tell what kind of game it is, what’s at stake, and still thinks s/he can win.

So let’s talk about games, psychics, and foolish people.  In every middle-to-low income community, in converted sheds and trailers on the outskirts of town, or in the dilapidated offices of old buildings, there’s always a sign that reads, PSYCHIC CONSULTATIONS.  People love to make fun of those who go to such advisers.  And in many cases, professional psychics have to work outside the city limits because there are still “fraudulent medium” laws on the books from the late 19th and early 20th centuries when seances and spiritism were in vogue.  Could they all be con men and hustlers?

If you find a situation where you can watch people near a psychic’s business, you’ll see the well-off travelers glance at those advertisements as they pass by.  But they won’t go in, too embarrassed to satisfy their curiosity by even knocking on the door, too convinced that it’s all a bunch of fakery.  At least, that’s the stereotype: ignorant gullible people go to psychic readers and desperate smart people go to therapists.  Because there’s a difference between those two things, right?

The reality is very different than the stereotype.  Nobody wants to be publicly shamed for believing wholeheartedly in psychic phenomena, but actually every sort of person goes to psychics—young, old, rich, poor, smart, gullible, educated, and illiterate.  They go when nobody is looking, when they can slip in through the alley, down the poorly lit hallway, to the door with the beveled glass that reads MONEY – LOTTO – ROMANCE – KNOW THE FUTURE – CHANGE YOUR LUCK.  It used to be a private investigator’s office, but he went out of business 12 years ago.  And now the rent is cheap.  But there’s a difference between a psychic reader and a private investigator, right?

Maybe the psychic offers a “candle service” or a “prayer session” or straight-up magic on the side.  Maybe that person also teaches Reiki, meditation, yoga, massage, acupuncture, or works with crystals.  But everybody knows all that is just unprovable pseudo-science and the placebo effect.  There’s a big difference between an “alternative healer” and a regular old doctor, right?

These questions represent interesting games people play with themselves in order to be able to feel alright with the idea that there are things in this world they can’t explain, things they can’t control or even define.  It’s hard for them to accept that a good psychic consultant can give you counseling, investigate your problems, and heal you on levels that materialistic science doesn’t even recognize.  

Professional readers can and regularly do all those things for their clients.  And that’s scary sometimes—scary enough that some people like to play a “ meta-game” called “Fool the Psychic.”  This is when they pay good money in order to feel less afraid by coming into a consultation as a hidden skeptic.  They ask questions like, “What was my mother’s maiden name?  What did I have for breakfast yesterday?  Where did my grandfather live for two years when he was taking a break from university?”  And they often feed the psychic incorrect information to see if it gets detected.  

Some psychics are uselessly gifted to know this kind of trivia and, sadly, those are the only ones who can impress this kind of client.  But I’d be cautious of someone who has spent all their time honing the ability to tell you that you had a Denver omelet with black coffee and a side of toast three days ago. 

Fool the Psychic is a game for losers.  It’s rigged from the beginning and based on fear.  Though it may seem fun for a mean-spirited client as a way for him or her to feel clever or overcome their anxieties by trying to put one over on the psychic, it doesn’t do anything but waste money and time.  If the psychic passes the “test,” the client learns nothing of value.  If the psychic fails, the client has paid for a short feeling of superiority.  Then the psychic goes on with his or her life and the client goes on wondering.

Don’t play this game.  If you don’t believe, don’t go.  If you want to believe, keep an open mind, be courteous, and see how it feels.  If you’re afraid of believing because the psychic may represent all the things you cannot understand or control in life, face your fear with sincerity.  Maybe buy a tarot deck and a few books on the subject.  But if you sit down at the psychic’s table in bad faith, you can be sure that the only person getting conned is you.

Are You Psychic?  Yes, actually, you are . . .

When I say things like this, it makes everyone angry. It disturbs what people think, makes them feel uncertain about themselves. People want to believe that psychics are either complete frauds or that a special group of people exists out there with a gift that no one else has. Neither is completely true. As with most things, the truth is far less dramatic: anyone can develop psychic gifts or magical skills but not everyone wants to.

True, every developed psychic is unique in some way. For example, some people are highly clairvoyant (they “see” psychic images in their mind’s eye and sometimes with their physical eyes) or clairaudient or empathic. Others, like me, are empaths with a developed capacity for clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. Some people only develop one type of psychism and rely on that. Others, develop them all. But everyone can develop something—even the frauds.

Reading tarot helps. Meditation helps. Studying a metaphysical system of self-development helps. Avoiding the censorious jeering of skeptics helps a lot. Working with a program of psychic development, like those of Debra Katz, Sonia Choquette, or John Friedlander helps, too. But the best thing, the thing you simply cannot do without, is the willingness to believe in what your energetic self (your aetheric self) is telling you every moment of every day, asleep or awake, healthy or sick, alone or in a room full of people.

You’ve likely heard all this before, but I will quote Sonia Choquette in her book, Your Psychic Pathway, because I love her so much: “As you begin to awaken your psychic sense, it is helpful to recognize how naturally psychic you already are. Most people are psychic, but they do not realize it because they are in the habit of ignoring this all-important sense” (2). Yes!

So what is a “psychic” anyway? One of the most profound observations I have ever heard about the way aether moves comes from Debra Katz: “When energy moves, perceptions and beliefs begin to get shaken up. It’s like an inner earthquake of the mind and emotional body” (You Are Psychic, 19). Yes again! It is, indeed, this in the most life-altering way possible. Katz continues:

I’m always amazed and saddened when someone tells me they have never had a psychic experience. We are all actually having psychic experiences every moment of our lives; we just don’t realize that is what’s happening. So many of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, dreams, fantasies, anxieties, etc., are coming from sources outside ourselves, but we mistakenly believe that they are being generated from our own mind and body. For many of you, it’s only when you have a psychic experience that is obvious and clear-cut that you will consider the possibility that you are psychic. (23)

With this in mind, I will give you my own definition of what a psychic is. A psychic is someone who pays attention to the existence and movement of energy (aether) in themselves, in others, and in the world. That’s actually it. Consider what a “premonition” is. It’s a sense of something about to happen. That, my dear friends, is an energetic event in the future that we are paying attention to in the present. What about past lives? Energetic events in the past? Yes, that’s right. What about a connection between a woman and her estranged ex-boyfriend? Energetic link in the past, moving through the present into the future? Exactly right. Can a psychic really perceive these things? That’s what a psychic does. How come you can’t perceive these things? Ah, but you can. You just have to realize it.

What about someone who comes to me asking me to tell them what they had for breakfast three days ago? We have a special term for that sort of client: an asshole. Don’t play “test the psychic.” It’s disrespectful and ignorant. And, anyway, psychism doesn’t work like that. If breakfast three days ago was connected to something significant, I might see the toast. But if you ask me something trivial, something that doesn’t have a significant energetic charge just so you can prove to yourself I’m a charlatan, I probably won’t see what you’re asking.  I’ll say so, too.  Then I will ask you to leave.  Because no psychic sees everything or sees with photorealistic, pinpoint accuracy.  A psychic reading is more like a collaborative art than rocket science.  It deals with energy, emotion, things of deep human concern.  Remember that.

One more quote from Debra Katz:

Psychic abilities are spiritual abilities. As a spirit, you possess the same qualities often attributed to God. Spirits are creative; they are omniscient (all knowing) and omnipresent (everywhere where at once). Your spirit has these abilities even when it is attached to a living body-your body. Some of these psychic/spiritual abilities can be classified as clairaudience, transmediumship, telepathy and clairsentience. (23)

Wait, I hear you saying, I don’t believe in god! You don’t have to believe in god. You only have to believe in “god” as you understand the concept if you want to theorize about a gift you already have! Worry less about the author’s religious assumptions and look at that first sentence: psychic abilities are spiritual abilities. Can I get an amen? Spiritual abilities, as in, the abilities inherent in you because you have a spirit. You do have a spirit, you know. In fact, I would be remiss if I did not point out that you are a spirit, my dear reader.

And so I write this to encourage you: if you’ve ever wanted to be psychic but didn’t think you were, well, you are. Read some books. Reach out to a teacher or, if you happen to be lucky to live near a psychic institute, take some classes in clairvoyance or intuitive reading. Sometimes, people start studying something like magic or energy healing (I teach reiki, by the way, and this happens in reiki all the time) and have psychic experiences in the process. That’s good, too. Just start. If you do, I promise it will change your life for the better.

Scrying a Human Being: an Advanced Piece of Psychism

This is not so much a sorcerous working as it is a feat of psychism. It is not for those who still need to develop the ability to visualize and concentrate. Moreover, it presupposes the following magical proficiencies:

If / once you have these basics, you will want to find a time when you can be alone and undisturbed. If you have a dedicated ritual chamber, even better. In the night hour of the Moon (if you observe the magical hours) or whenever you feel most magical and receptive, enter your chamber and light a black, silver, or dark purple candle. Light some good psychic incense (Lucky Mojo makes a good “Psychic Vision” incense; though, I make a simple mixture of star anise, wormwood, and frankincense—simpler is usually better when it comes to incense recipes). And make sure you have ventilation in the room.

Ground, center, banish and / or shield. Then meditate quietly for a few minutes. Step out of your body and travel to your Inner Temple. This should be a full astral projection.

See a very large black mirror. While you’re staring into the mirror, think of the person you would like to scry. Feel her emotions, her breath on the side of your neck. Raise her essence around you as if it were a mist. Then see that mist in the mirror.

The mist (which is a concrete metaphor for the person’s soul) will dissipate and you will not only see images of her, but you will feel the emotions she feels. You will hear her thoughts. And all of this will be themed, at first, around your connection to her in mundane life.

Well and good. You will have already learned something about this person. You could stop there, reverse your direction back to your body, and end the operation. But perhaps there is something you want to ask this person. At such a level of connection, there are no secrets. You simply need to ask her image in the mirror and it will tell you. Keep in mind that you are calling on the deep mind of this person to speak to you. She will not hold back.  If there is a lot of buried emotion, be prepared for a very agitated response. But as long as you do not touch the mirror, you cannot be harmed no matter how forceful the person behaves.

The mirror is a doorway into the person’s unconscious. Actually, the mirror construct can be used as a doorway to any person, place, or thing. What could you do with a doorway into someone’s mind? If you are an advanced practitioner, you already have some ideas. But be cautious. If you step into the mirror, you are in that person’s unconscious universe. Is that a good thing? The link will persist between the two of you and could result in unhealthy obsessions if you cross that threshold without a good reason and spend too much time there.

Also, you will want to ground, center, and banish / shield afterward as well. This working can cause a lot of inner problems, resulting in the exchange of fears and desires, the development of phobias, and some very bad dreams if you don’t know what you are doing. So I warn beginners: this is powerful psychism. It is not to be played with. You absolutely must develop the above fundamental skill set before you attempt something like this. As always, use common sense and avoid recklessness.

After working with this technique for a while, more advanced practitioners will see all kinds of possibilities. It is something that can revolutionize your practice. Think about it. And good luck.