Scrying the 29th Enochian Aethyr, RII


My scrying project continues with the next-densest layer of the Enochian cosmology, RII, said to contain the heavens and hells of all the world’s religions as well as the seed of helplessness and human frailty that we all must eventually confront.

I recited the Call of the Aethyrs in English.  Then I recited the Enochian, in the natural style as before, three times, inserting “RII” in the appropriate place.

I found myself in the same “foyer” with the three passages forking ahead of me.  The central door, as before, had “RII” in boiling blood  embedded in its surface.  This time, I was not pulled through as if it were some kind of permeable membrane.  I had to push on the door, which was very heavy and hard to open.  I realized the door was made out of some petrified wood or stone.

Stepping through, I found myself in a passage made of the same gray stone as the foyer.  It sloped steeply downward into the dark.  I followed it, having to slide down on my rear at least once. 

The passage opened into an oblong cavern with patches of luminescent green algae on the ceiling.  A number of enormous butterflies shot back and forth and their bodies shifted between insectoid and little humanoid fairies.  There were wooden tables (like specimen tables, topped with fine metal screens) along either side of the long room.  The tables seemed ancient and crusted with dirt.  I got the impression that this was an (astral) recreation of the butterfly house behind Blenheim Palace that I once visited.

Passing through the room, I pushed open another petrified stone door (this one had nothing inscribed on it) and “fell” onto a cloud.  Through a cloudless patch, I could see the English countryside far below (something like 30k feet down).  I started to sink through the cloud layer and realized that I had to bound from cloud to cloud if I wanted to keep from falling.  I did that, moving across a cloud landscape until I came to an enormous castle on a rocky base.  In the dream-logic of the scrying, the castle did not sink through the clouds.  But I could not reach it.  And when I took my final leap to get there, I fell through.

I landed safely in the middle of a green pasture beside the M40 highway.  It started to rain heavily.  It also started to rain outside my home a moment later.  Walking down the side of the road in the rain, I looked up to see a yellow school bus had stopped beside me, going the opposite direction.  It was full of midget-sized grinning lizard creatures, drinking beer and having a party.  The driver opened the bus door and said, “Come on in!”  But something didn’t feel right and I declined.  The driver then smiled and shrugged.  “Suit yourself!”

I watched the bus move down the highway until it came to a railroad crossing in the distance and was hit directly in the side by a high-speed train.  The bus exploded in flames and was knocked down the tracks hundreds of feet.  In the physical world, my body heard a distant train crossing bell, which chilled me, especially since I never hear that where I live.  Then the bus and the train were gone.

I wanted to end the session, but I felt I couldn’t at that moment.  So I continued along the highway until I reached a point where the entire countryside curled up towards me like a giant wave.  I heard a voice say, “You can’t go beyond this.”  Then I knew I could return and found myself immediately back in my body.