I’ve been saying these things about reversals for a long time. Madame Nadia puts it well.


Stress: an Overreaction to Life

Ajahn Brahm, a great (humble, very funny, very magical) Thai Buddhist monk and teacher gives this talk on how to cope with stress.  I offer it here because it has done a lot for me personally.  I also like to post his videos in order to make more people aware of him because his is a very worthwhile voice in a troubled world.


A Dark Song (2017)


The ending is corny and I don’t get the use of the Reiki symbols (I can make up a reason for their use in a particular scene of the movie, but that would just be me reading into it).  Otherwise, I have never seen a more realistic film about a complex magical ritual.  Amazing, actually.

Recommended Spiritual Worker: Madame Pamita

I’m been enjoying Madame Pamita’s insights and comments for a long time.  She’s great.

I like to recommend magical colleagues who I think are particularly talented, smart, and / or skilled.  I am approached by more clients than I can take.  And so, rather than being competitive (a negative characteristic of many public occultists, especially conjure workers), I try to serve the Art by bringing people together.