What I Won’t Do

Things I Will Not Do for Money: *

  • Killing work of any sort.
  • Extreme debt rescue.
  • Gambling work as a way out of extreme debt (though I will do gambling and luck work for reasonable gambling situations).
  • Work that cripples someone or hurts innocent bystanders.
  • Anything that harms animals, children, or the elderly for any reason.
  • Any spiritual work that is, in my opinion, unjustified, immoral, or undeservedly cruel.

* “Things I will not do for money” means no matter how much money you offer me, I will always say no.  People seem to think that spiritual workers are amoral hitmen.  We aren’t.  A sacred bond is formed between a spiritual worker and his client.  If you ask me to take actions on your behalf and those actions are unjust, immoral, or undeservedly cruel (no matter how you may feel at the time), we will both be doing wrong.  I have made mistakes with this in the past and not a day goes by that I don’t regret my actions.  So please keep these requirements in mind before you seek to hire me.